A note from the perfumer

For me, expression through smells is the embodiment of a journey of the senses.

Since I was a child my nose has been my driving force. As someone very sensitive to their surroundings, near or far, I quickly turned to the profession of perfume-designer. I love to travel and to discover new smells, cultures, cuisines, etc…

The Timeless Blend project by Josée Viau was a no-brainer: to create a range of luxury home fragrances with a stylistic approach that is very eau de toilette. A journey around the Earth… a journey for the senses…

Morocco, Japan, Spain, Italy, England, France, Brazil, Norway, Canada… sources of much inspiration; duos or trios of notes to make you feel transported to welcoming ambiances.

I started my journey to Andalusia in Alhambra, by blending notes of amber, Tonka beans, and coconut. The Prickly Pears of Spain’s southern desert drew me to create a warm and sweet perfume with notes of fig and blackcurrant. The image of Brazilian beaches and lively parties inspired a blend of lime and Maracuja: a deliciously fresh and fruity aroma. In the end I couldn’t start my creations without an English garden fragrance inspired by some of my favourite flowers – freesia and rose.


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