Alhambra candle


Inspired by the magic of the Alhambra palace, discover all the richness of the scents of Andalusia with our vanilla scented candle.



Alhambra scent: The aromas of Andalusia encapsulated in a vanilla and coconut candle.

Located in the south of Andalusia in Spain, the palace of the Alhambra is one of the few relics of the sultans’ heritage that remains today. The magic and mystery that surround this palace are the source of inspiration for this jewellery candle. Discover all the richness of Andalusian aromas with our vanilla scented candle.

The Alhambra fragrance’s effortless blend of sandalwood, amber, and royal jasmine plunges you into an ancient reverie like a window opening onto the sultans’ palace and its stone-sculpted setting.

Let yourself be whisked away to the warm Iberian sun through the aromas of musk and amber that are typical of the Arabo-Andalusian culture. This vanilla and coconut candle guarantees a scented escape amidst dashes of Tonka and honey, as well as a citrus twist.

Timeless Blend candles are made by the best artisan candle-makers in England. Our perfumes are created in the workshops of renowned perfumers in Grasse. They are subjected to many tests to make sure they uphold all their promises of creating a warm sensory ambiance throughout your home.

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