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Timeless Blend scented candles are infused with exotic aromas that awaken your wanderlust. Discover our Lime & Maracuja fragrance, a soft blend of patchouli and passionfruit.



A maracuja fragrance blended with scents of patchouli and lime

Did you know that the real name for passion fruit is « maracuja » in Portuguese? Originating from Latin America, this refreshing fruit is recognised for its energising and rejuvenating qualities. This Lime and Maracuja scented jewellery candle combines the qualities of passion fruit with the antioxidant power of lime.

Add a twist of grapefruit and a floral touch, you get a bubbly, fruity, and citric aroma… This surprisingly delightful palette ends on soft, woody notes of patchouli, vanilla, and Tonka.
In homage to the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro, this grapefruit, lime, and passionfruit scented candle is an invigorating concoction of colours and smells that tease you with a taste of travel and of course, fiesta!

Run away on your very own sensory escapade through aromas unknown. Embark on a scented adventure with Timeless Blend jewellery candles made from plant-based wax.
Our fragrances are crafted in Grasse by renowned master perfumers, and our 100% eco-friendly wax is produced by the best candle-makers in England containing zero palm oil, paraffin, or pesticides.

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