The story of Timeless Blend’s
luxury scented candles

The story of Timeless Blend begins with its creator’s passion for perfume and essential oils.

For several years, she has been working toward the creation and release of a range of perfumeproducts in collaboration with internationally renowned specialists and experts in the spa industry.

Enriched by the world of Health & Wellness, the idea of a range of luxury candles designed to recreate well-being at home was quickly formed.

Travel as inspiration for scented candles

In fact, it was while exploring that the concept of a scented jewellery candle was born. For three years, she roamed the world and studied its diverse cultures, scents, and essences as well as their methods of relaxation and well-being.

Inspired by her travels, she returned to France to create a brand of scented candles whose fragrances conjure such exotic lands. She quickly imagined the development of different ambient products along the same theme: shower gel, body cream, etc.

The production of Timeless Blend scented candles

It is this inspiration that makes Timeless Blend stand out. Our unique products are a perfect marriage of the expertise of our perfume connoisseurs in Grasse and the established skills of our English candle-makers. Our natural, plant-based candles contain zero palm oil, paraffin, or pesticides. We combine the love of perfume, well-being, and wanderlust with expert care and attention. A luxurious and eco-friendly journey of the senses lies before you.

Our wish? To make you discover- with the help of our candles- all the smells, feelings, atmospheres, flowers, fruits, and spices that are emblematic of exotic destinations.

Fall for our jewellery candles ❤️

How it works:


1 – Choose the scent of your candle : choose
2 – Select which type of jewellery you would like hidden inside
3 – Choose what you would like your jewellery to be made from: 925 Sterling Silver, 18 carat gold plated, or Swarovski crystal

hat’s all there is to it! The customisation of your jewellery candle is complete

I started my journey to Andalusia in Alhambra, by blending notes of amber, Tonka beans, and coconut. The Prickly Pears of Spain’s southern desert drew me to create a warm and sweet perfume with notes of fig and blackcurrant. The image of Brazilian beaches and lively parties inspired a blend of lime and Maracuja: a deliciously fresh and fruity aroma. In the end I couldn’t start my creations without an English garden fragrance inspired by some of my favourite flowers – freesia and rose.
Hélène Prévot